A week's worth of odds & ends

10:16 AM

Every summer, much to papa bear's chagrin, I start amassing little pots of ice cream in the fridge. They're always half eaten (some of them severely freezer burnt) because I'm so fickle, I'll see a new flavor and for that entire week it will be my "favorite," of course until next week when I discovery that this one really is the best in the whole world! Papa bear isn't much for ice cream so he's extra cynical when it comes to my love affair with this icy treat but I'll forgive him because I never understood hot mix and for that my dear half-Indian husband I hope you will forgive me. However, I just recently discovered an ice cream/spicy thing we can both agree on! I found  it at our COOP and was intrigued, I even wondered if I was brave enough for something like this but then I figured I did deliver a baby six months ago so... Turns out this stuff is the cat's pajamas! [forgive me but as someone for whom English is a second language this phrase is something I've been dying to use, I figure I can now pretend that my family has been here since the late 1800's and the phrase is something my sweet grandfather used to say...] No but it really is good. At first it's all smooth and chocolatey and then mama mia! Your mouth is on fire! In a good way!! Anyways... I can't believe I just wrote an entire paragraph about ice cream... Husby would not be pleased. 

And without further ado here's a little from our week:
the aforementioned ice cream
our little countdown to vacation (we're down to days!!)
papa is done with school so we've been getting to hang out with him a lot!!
open windows in the evenings & the sound of crickets
guys... I think we have a BIG baby (LOOK at those legs!!)
it's officially birthday season in our family so I'm in prep mode
Miss Bella in all her glory, what else can I say?
my uniform has consisted of light breezy dresses & sandals to stay cool

We are finally going to get a weekend at home and I'm so looking forward to visiting the farmer's markets around here and enjoying cooking in my kitchen. It's going to be a hot one but I'm glad! Summer is here and it's here to stay!!

Have a wonderful one my darlings!


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  1. Sometimes ice cream is so good it deserves a whole paragraph! :) Heck I wrote a whole blog post about a local gelato place because they're that good. Haha.

    Hooray for vacation soon! And hooray for your adorable baby and pup. I am looking forward to a nice warm weekend here too, finishing up some house projects and getting some SUN! :)

    1. Haha right?!! Mmm love gelato too :) Yes SUN!!! Need it!! xo

  2. Mmm...ice cream. Now I want to make Jeni's Queen City Cayenne which is a spicy chocolate. My baby also has those same heart leggings! Her daddy picked them out.

    Love those gift bags! Where did you find those?

    1. You know I've been on the fence about trying Jeni's (wondering if it's worth it). Would you say it is? Ah Daddy must have good taste :) I found the gifts bags at T. J. Maxx, random but awesome find! xo


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