Picnic at the farmer's market

8:48 AM

I think we may have started a new tradition for our family this past Saturday - picnics at the farmer's market. Last time we went we became obsessed with the grilled chicken from a food truck there. However, it didn't come with any sides. This time I threw together a quick farro salad, popped it in the picnic basket with some drinks and we were off! We picked up a loaf of bread at the farmer's market as well as some groceries for the week. Now that summer is in full swing there was so much beautiful food to chose from and I could hardly makeup my mind as to what to buy and from which stand!
As papa bear and I devoured our food under the shade of a magnolia tree we talked about how everything is so much more fun since Birdie came into our lives - picnics, mornings (so much smiling!), walks, the list can go on and on. She is the biggest bundle of joy and happiness and you can't help but smile when you're around her. It makes me happy to know that she even brings joy to random strangers and passerby's - people stop us on the street all the time to ogle her and coo at her. And she loves to give out her gummy little smiles!
I've heard a lot of people say that six months is the most fun age and we're right on the cusp of it and I completely agree! Her personality is so evident, she does a marvelous job of expressing herself and those half hugs she gives every now and again are my favorite!

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  1. Wow everything looks delicious, and the bread, oh the bread!lol

  2. I love picnics and farmers markets! This sounds like so much fun....and your little lady is so precious! (blairsays.com)


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