summer simple

8:19 AM

sunglasses - karen walker, dress, uo, shoes - hasbeens, bracelets - madewell & juicy couture

Why does it seem like the week before vacation is always nuts? My to do list is making me want to crawl into a corner in my closet and hide forever... And then yesterday was just one of those days when everything goes wrong. Thankfully my husband was in a great mood so we actually got to live out those "holds you up when you're down" lovely marriage ideals that so rarely actually happens (usually you'll find us both in sweatpants angrily eating a bowl of chips after a rough day). Also, Target helps. Truly. So I have about three days left to accomplish 89% of what's on my list. Of course in my little fantasy world I thought at this point I would have oh-I-don't-know... 89% of it done?? And yet here we are. 
Oh! Also on the plus side I was able to find two swimsuits that don't make this mama of a six month old want to banish herself to brown paper bags as clothing options for the rest of her life. I haven't quite yet gotten back on the exercise train but as fate would have it vacation came a knockin' anyway (not that I'm complaining but... MY THIGHS!!!!!!!). 
On that note I shall put this handy dandy contraption away and go make myself useful/pack/pretend to pack/sit in front of my closet wishing the clothes would pack themselves...
Oh and last but not least about this outfit! You guys I literally live in it! I know I exaggerate often but this time I have food stains to prove it. This dress is perfect for this sticky yucky heat and it's pretty much the only thing I'm comfortable in these days. Sometimes I throw on a hat, sometimes always I throw on flat sandals and I keep the jewelry minimal. I got the dress last summer at UO but in case you're interested this Madewell one is awfully similar

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  1. a good summer dress - the best! hope you have a great time in FL!

  2. I love the dress. I can see how it would be comfortable in the summer heat. The dress looks great on you.


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