I'm coming to Atlanta, where should I go?
Here's my nifty Atlanta city guide!

I'm coming to DC, where should I go?
Here's my DC guide!

what kind of camera do you use?
Canon rebel T1i, it's a great starter camera and I'm no expert so it works out just fine!

are you really from russia?
I really am! shocking, I know. I lived in Russia until I was 12 and finished 6th grade there. Here's photographic proof for you doubters ;)

celebrating Easter from my baby prison

do you have any siblings?
I do!! I have one not-so-baby brother who's currently getting his smarts on in New York City!

keeping it weird since 1989 and 1986, respectively

blogging questions - have you blogged before? why did you decide to blog again?
This one may take a sec so hang in there with me. Yes, I have blogged before. In fact I've been blogging since 2007. I've had two other blogs but the shoe didn't quite fit you know?? I wrote a longer piece about what happened before I started this blog that you can read here. I suppose the reason I came back is because I haven't really found a better motivator for journaling our life that to do it in a community (translation: I like when other humans read my words and I like reading your words too, romantic no?). I've been incredibly blessed since I started this blog with meeting so many kind, supportive and inspiring people. You, my darlings, make sharing our life here a joy and I thank you so much for that, you will never know just how much your words mean to me.

who designed your blog header?
A wonderful artist by the name of Hannah! You can find her work here: Pommel Lane.

why do you formula feed your baby and how do you go about it?
In short because I'm a horrible person. Just kidding!! It's a really long, rambly story but if you are so inclined I invite to read about it here and here.

do you have any advice on traveling with a baby?
Wouldn't you know it I do! How handy am I? You can read all about it here.

where can I find the nursery tour & your playroom tour?
Right over here and here.