Baby it's cold outside... so I wore a really big hat

11:03 AM

hat - Stepcat of Canada, sweater - Madewell, jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch, boots - Hunter

Well folks we're officially on our own. Papa bear went back to work today and it's just baby V and myself in the little blue cabin. Scary stuff. So let's see how we're doing - well so far in the two hours that we've been awake I've managed to put on a pair of socks, eat a bowl of cereal and start tea. Yep that's it. Pretty pathetic I agree but baby steps right??? Right???
I have big plans of visiting the post office this afternoon so I'll report later on how that pans out. Now lets all pray that the nap I just put her down for is one of those three or four hour naps, not a fake out half hour nap. Because there's a pile of laundry waiting to be washed and that whole business of me actually getting dressed and brushing my teeth. 
As Kevin McCallister would say: "This is it. Don't get scared now!"

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  1. Kevin McAllister would also say "ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!" :)

    Good luck on your first day!

  2. Good luck Mamma bear! We are on week two of Papa at work and thoroughly enjoy our Mama/Baby alone time... And then 6:30pm comes around and I'm happy to hand our little Maverick baby over to Daddy while I soak in a hot bubble bath!!! :)


  3. You look amazing, could never tell that you just had a baby!! :) I love that hat btw!

  4. Good luck! I am just finding a rhythm and my daughter was born on November 26th. It's definitely hard once there's no more regular family help and the husband is at work all day.

    I consider it a banner day when I get a shower. haha You look fantastic so you are doing a lot of things right!

  5. haha - you got this girl! (also baby steps - get it, BABY steps. not sure if you meant that pun). i love that hat of ours - i have a similar one and it just makes the winter that much better.

  6. You look so great! Best of luck adjusting to time alone with Miss V - I'm sure you'll do amazing.


  7. Thanks so much ladies! I can happily report we survived a whole three days on our own and have successfully started day four! It was hard at times but also kind of awesome to have her all to myself :).

    And good luck to all my fellow mamas! You guys are awesome!


  8. Um...can I have this whole outfit??! Seriously adorable style that I can completely relate too.
    Thanks for linking up!
    x, Anna

  9. You are beautiful - and what a fun style! Congrats on being a top-hit momma-styler over at IHOD :) Will be stealing ideas from you here on out!


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