It's 2013!

8:28 AM

Well it's officially 2013! Even Russian Christmas will be over at midnight today which means our tree will go back in it's box tomorrow. I'll be sad to see it go but at the same time I've always relished the fresh start we get at the beginning of the year. And with the birth of V I already feel like this is going to be the best year ever so suffice to say I'm quite excited!
I'm going to save you the "resolutions" talk partly because I just don't care this year and partly because I don't even have enough time to devote to something like that right now. As I jokingly said to my parents I'm lucky if I get to go to the bathroom more than three times a day so...
Instead I'm grateful for the little things we are able to accomplish. Like the fact that papa and I were able to do a deep clean of the house while Birdie was down for a long nap the other day. Or the fact that I am finally taking control of my diet and exercise after months of eating out and feeling too tired (and big) to even get outside. More than anything I'm just looking forward to living our life with the addition of our little one. We're finally in such a good place and I'm just excited to introduce V to our life here - our walks in the woods, nights spent by the fire and weekends spent exploring the neighboring towns.
As far as my dreams or goals for this space... they are simple: to keep writing from my heart, sharing pieces of our life as it unfolds and connecting with all of you! Of course there will posts about baby along with our "regular programming" but I would also like to bring back my outfit posts and will be grateful to you for indulging me in that. It's something I've done in the past and enjoyed and I hope you enjoy them as well!

So that's a rough little sketch of what I hope this coming year will look like!

Do you have any new years resolutions you're especially passionate about?! I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Outfit posts? Yes please!

  2. Awesome! I'm a little nervous since it's been a while but excited too! :) Hope you're having a great week! xo


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