The case of the disappearing foot...

9:30 AM

jacket - J. Crew (old), sweatshirt - Out of Print, pants - J. Crew, shoes - Chucks, ring - Target, bobbi -

Tonight the low was nine degrees. Nine degrees people!! That is cold. Extra socks, woolen mittens and seeing your breath cold. Yikes! Apparently this cold front may come with a side of snow, which if it's pretty and fluffy and involves school closings I'm all for it!
Other than that I don't have much to report except that this week has been all about boring "adult" stuff like taking the trash (which isn't so bad when one can blast A$AP Rocky's new album because one is alone in the car for once)*, changing the oil and installing mailboxes. 
Speaking of mailboxes I ordered it from Amazon, where I order way too much stuff, and I just thought for a minute how it seemed weird to mail oneself a mailbox. Such is our life in the modern world; poor Mr. Carson is probably rolling over in his grave...

Oh and last but not least I literally can't wear houndstooth without thinking about Luke Wilson's line from The Family Stone: "Hey! Is this houndstooth??? Houndstooth..." Best. Delivery. Ever. 

*Specifically: Hell, One Train, Fashion Killa, Ghetto Symphony & I Come Apart.

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  1. I'm not sure how your metric system is there.. but in the Canadian system.. yesterday we were at -40 with the wind chill!! That's what ya get for livin' in Northern Ontario :( I want to go to Florida.. sigh.


  2. Cuuuute! I love the bobbi in your dark hair. : )

  3. So so cute! I can't believe how cold it is there! It has been like 80 here!! It's kinda crazy, really messes with your head as to what time of year it is lol

  4. Jessica - Yikes!! Oh gosh I want to go to Florida too! So bad..

    Ashley - Thanks darling!!

    Dasha - Wow! 80?! I remember those days :)

    Lauren - Thank you sweetie!!


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