A day with Birdie & I

11:17 AM

On Monday we awoke to a dreary morning but my darling girl was already up and batting her gorgeous eyelashes at me and these days that's even better than sunshine in my book. She listened to Bon Iver while I fed her (he's turning out to be a favorite of hers) and then after being swaddled we just lay there together and "talked" until she drifted off to sleep.
Then it was my turn to start the day, get dressed, eat breakfast (toast & grapefruit, god they are so good right now!) and start on my to do list. I finished up with the thank you cards, put a load of her laundry in to get washed (we go through her swaddle blankets like you wouldn't believe) and then conquered a heap of miscellaneous tasks.
Feeling quite proud of my babe for how long she slept and in turn everything it allowed me to do, including eating lunch and juicing, I decided we both were in need of some fresh air. I drove us to our local park where Birdie proceeded to fall asleep and I proceeded to curse myself for forgetting a pair of gloves. I suppose that 70 degree weather this weekend made me forget that we're actually in the thick of winter.
On the drive home my shuffle blessed me with some wonderful songs and I took in the scenery of where we live. I've been driving by these same hills and farms for close to two years now and yet I always find something new to marvel at. This time I found it all extra bewitching - the sun was going down and the sky was dark grey with the slightest hint of lavender and I watched a vintage pick up truck light the gravel driveway to a farm with two lines of yellow. A lab chased the tail lights all the way to the porch where I imagine it greeted it's owner with hearty bark and slobbery kiss. All this made me dream of owning a farm one day, it's something I've longed for since childhood, big dog and truck included. Maybe one day, we live in the right place so that's one step closer!
Back at home it was time for another nap. By the time papa bear came home V was a little fussy but... her papa was home so it turned out ok! I made dinner, burrito bowls. I have to say here that it has been so nice to get back into a cooking routine, eating out is fine but doing it all the time gets old not to mention makes me feel gross, so I've really enjoyed discovering new recipes and stocking our fridge with lots of fruits and veggies rather than take out boxes.
In the end Birdie decided she would rather watch Downton Abbey with us rather than sleep. We explained to her that as long as she participated silently we were more than fine with that. So we tucked her in real nice and exhaled as the familiar tune played through the speakers.
All in all a lovely day and I went to sleep looking forward to seeing my sweet girls face in the morning!*

*I am still getting up for feedings (about twice at night, sometimes three times) but I keep the lights off because I find that she goes down easier if she's not stimulated while she eats.

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4 notes

  1. well this sounds like a nice day! and i love where you live too - virginia is the best, and beautiful year-round.

  2. I can't wait to have a baby one day!! Gotta get married first though!

  3. Love days like that. And, it's "A Day with Birdie and ME."

  4. Colleen - Ah yes! VA in my opinion is one of the most gorgeous states in the US!

    Jessica - You will love it!! It's so wonderful! :)

    Gingersnap - Ah! Thank you for the correction! English is my second language so unfortunately I don't always get it right.


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