Birdie is one month old!

8:59 AM

Valentina turned one month on Friday so on Saturday papa and I decided to take some photos to commemorate the occasion!
I was also thrilled to discover that she finally fit in her Christmas/New Years dress that she never got to wear on either of those occasions. She was such a little an angel during the whole thing, looking pretty for mama and just looking around (which she's doing more and more of and I just looooove). 
So at one month Birdie has a lot more non-crying awake time, can hold her head up quite well, finally enjoys bath time, fits into a vast assortment of clothes (not just the ten Gerber white onsies), can look at mama and papa and doesn't need to be rocked to sleep every time. Whew! 

That's quite a list! I am so excited to see the changes that month two will bring!

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9 notes

  1. The month has flown by. She looks adorable and both parents look happy.

  2. Wow! The time flies! She looks adorable.

    It seems like just yesterday I was stalking your blog for a birth update while waiting for my belly to pop too:)

    x TL

  3. you guys look rested & happy (all 3 of you)...
    My baby turns one month this coming Friday.
    She has just started making tiny little sounds and spends more time wide-eyed and alert...I melt at her little coos.
    It's pretty amazing, huh?
    Best to you!

  4. She's such a cutie! And I love the polkadots with the pink lipstick!

  5. She's so precious! Happy unbirthday Birdie! xoxox

  6. Thanks so much guys!! We're pretty smitten with this girl :) xoxo

  7. She looks like a princess wearing that dress :)
    Vintage Inspired indie Fashion for your little darling

  8. Ahh! Just found your blog, and I'm loving it already!!


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