A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

10:36 AM

Birdie is officially sleeping in her "big girl" crib & through the night (it feels bittersweet)
We've been keeping warm at night with steaming bowls of this slow cooker beef bourguignon*
I can't believe how big this girl is getting... the days are slipping by too fast
We don't have a laundry room so our dining room table often doubles as one
I love papa & Birdie time when he gets home from work
We've been loving the Honest diapers & wipes we got this week! The prints are adorable!
Reunited with our fur baby and it feels soooooo good!**
Fueling my honey addiction thanks to Amazon

*I suggest adding a couple tablespoons of tomato paste & I used gemelli
**Our parents have been babysitting our fur babies while we settle into life with V. We've been missing them like mad and I think they'll be coming home with us this time, I can't bear to say bye to their sweet faces again!

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  1. These are the most beautiful pictures ever! I can't get over how cute she is!! :)

  2. What a cutie she is - love her expression while snuggling with her dad! :)

  3. Your little girl looks so pretty. Congratulations for having such a beautiful family :) I'll try those diapers look so cute

    Vintage Inspired indie Fashion for your little darling

  4. Thanks for the recipe:)

    Also! Are you sleep training or did your cutie figure it out herself? What time do you put her down at night? And lastly! How many and how long are her naps in the day?!

    Sorry for all the questions, but Maverick baby sleeps at 10pm, wakes around 4 and then again at 6 and up at 8. A whole nights sleep sounds amazing:) but he's still little so I don't mind really.


  5. Loving these happy images! Such a sweet time for you and him. Just wanted to let you know that I "nominated" you for the liebster blog award. Check it out on my page and if you ever get some "you" time to join in, it's pretty fun! Happy weekend. xo Sara

  6. I love how natural you and hubs are with V! Such happy parents.

  7. sleeping through the night already??!
    My little girl just started smiling this week...bliss!

  8. Thanks so much everyone! You are terribly sweet!! xoxo

    Contact Doulala - Haha! No worries! It's good to share! Perhaps I'll write a little post about what has seemed to work for us. Good luck my dear! xo

    Sara Grace - I am so honored darling!! Thank you SO MUCH!! xo

    Kim - Congrats!! It's THE best isn't it?! :) xo


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