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9:28 AM

This weekend was all kinds of shades of awesome! Papa bear had Monday off so we figured it would be a good time to head up to DC to see the grandparents and have a little fun ourselves. And goodness did we ever have fun! We had a lovely little lunch date at 2Amys (finally tried their pizza and... AMAZING!!) just the two of us courtesy of babushka and dedushka watching V. Of course about an hour in we both started to miss her terribly but it was still nice to enjoy a meal without stressing over whether or not she'll get fussy. On Sunday morning we had brunch with grandpa and grandpa G as well as V's uncle and auntie who did a lovely job of holding her and playing with her. Also, grandma's waffles were out of this world!! She let me borrow the waffle maker and I can't wait to give it a try this week!
On Monday we took V to our favorite gallery in DC - the Freer. If you're in the area you should definitely go see their early Chinese Buddhist sculpture exhibit. After a quick jaunt in the gardens outside we headed to Shake Shack for lunch since I've been nursing a craving for their burger for weeks. We expected to enjoy some delicious food, however we did not expect to run into Danny Meyer and Jose Andres!! Papa bear and I are huge foodie nerds and it was a dream come true! Especially since we had watched Danny Meyer on Top Chef just the other week!! They were both so nice and obliged us with a photo. So yeah it was a pretty darn awesome DC day!
Oh and before I forget we even squeezed in a quick trip to Ikea where I was actually able to buy everything I came there for for once!! A miracle I swear!
Last weekend of January? You rocked!!

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  1. Can you believe I've lived in DC for over 7 years and STILL haven't been to 2Amy's? I need to remedy that, and soon. Beautiful pictures!

  2. oh man...and now i'm craving pizza. a lot.

  3. Sarah - Oh my goodness you HAVE to go!! You'll love it! Thank you!

    Colleen - Haha I crave it every time I look at that photo :)


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