A Weekend At The Lake

1:13 PM

We spent this past weekend at Lake Anna with my parents. Our first "full" week back to work and "real life" was tough for both of us and decompressing at a cabin by a gorgeous lake was just what we needed. Plus, it didn't hurt to have two extra pairs of hands to help with V and babushka and dedushka were ever the eager babysitters. 
Apparently Sunday was take "take your horses to the park" day and we saw dozens upon dozens of those gorgeous animals. Daddy and I were in heaven, we've long been horse fanatics and been longing to own one. Maybe one day...
It's such a big day for our nation today and I am oh so sad that I can't be in DC today to celebrate with everyone else. Those of you who were lucky to be there - enjoy!!

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4 notes

  1. Hi lady! Where is that hat from?! It's perfect.

  2. Love the Jammies! Where are they from if you don't mind me asking?


  3. These are so sweet! You guys make the cutest parents! :):)

  4. Cait - Thank you! It's from A&F (shockingly :))

    Contact Doulala - Sure! They're from Victoria's Secret.

    Dasha - Aww!! Thank you :) xo


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