2:22 PM

scarf - gap, blouse & pants - j. crew, shoes - target

First off, I'm aware y'all have no interest/patience for these things (outfit posts) but I made a decision when I started this blog that I'm going to post what I enjoy not what should post. And I've always liked outfit posts so here we are! I appreciate your patience and bearing with me! 

Anyways, I'm not sure why but this outfit made me feel like a real life matryoshka. Perhaps it was the very Slavic middle part, or all that red (that I'm by the way having the biggest love affair with right now even though my mum always taught me that red was for blondes...) but I feel like I look like this. That might be a bad thing but I'm going to claim I'm channeling my Russian side. Cause that sounds better than "I look like a wooden nesting doll." 

Hope you're having a lovely day!


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7 notes

  1. you look gorgeous!! and i always LOVE your outfit posts :):)

  2. i look like a wooden nesting doll - lol. you look FAB - i actually love outfit posts and wish I did them more, so i'm happy to see them here.

  3. Your outfit is SO awesome. Firstly, I need that scarf and I need it now. And I now want to style my hair like that every day (also, your hair is SO shiny, do you use anything for that?!). Lastly, as a blonde I have always felt red is for brunettes because I am too allover-pale to pull it off!
    You are rocking the red, whichever reason you have for it :)

  4. "I'm going to post what I enjoy not what should post." YES YES YES!

  5. I love your outfit posts! You look great in red, though your Mom's comment does make me giggle and think of my own loving Mom. She's French Canadian, and has her own set of "rules" regarding lipstick, hehe!


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