Mountain Meadow

10:40 AM

glasses - warby parker, necklace - j. crew, shirt - madewell, pants - zara, shoes - target

Apparently "mountain meadow" is one of the names for a green crayola crayon? The more you know right? Speaking of green - you guys the country at spring time??? Fantastic!! It's like someone doused the entire landscape in brilliant shades of green. I'm normally an autumn girl, I love all those reds and yellows and burnt orange, but I am finding that I am really appreciating all these verdant colors this spring. I find myself veering off the road as I can't seem to unglue my eyes from these hills and mountains. 
Do you ever find something so beautiful that the mere thought of it not being a part of your life brings tears to your eyes? When I think about our life here - our house, the land, the people, etc... I get a little emotional. I love it so, so much but I also know it's not forever. Papa bear and I have our version of "the clever north wind" a la Chocolat. And I can hear it whistling a song for us somewhere out there in the distance. And I know that one day soon I will unlock the latch on our bedroom window, pull the pane up with my hands and it will be there. And I will be unable to ignore it. It will gallantly blow into our bedroom and tell us where to go.
Over the course of my life the "north wind" has taken me from Russia to America and England and as a couple it has beckoned us from Maryland to California and right now here - the Shenandoah Valley. 
To tell you the truth I am both excited and terrified to see where it will take us next!
P.S. Huge thanks to my girl Natalie for alerting me to like the greatest shirt EVER!! 

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  1. I have pants that look very similar to yours (from Zara) and I love them. I like the top you wore with it, very cute and fun:) I get a little emotional sometimes when it seems life is just perfection and I feel like my cup is running over, you know? Especially in the Spring/Summer when the world (and weather!) seems so bright!

  2. I think it's the same pair and I ADORE them! So fun! Thanks a lot sweetie! xoxo


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