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Are we really in May already?! I feel like spring came and the weeks just started flying by! But I'm not complaining because there's so much to look forward to this month! My little brother is graduating this weekend, next weekend will be my first mother's day (WHAT??) and before you know it papa bear will be done with the school year and then it's off to Florida for a much needed long vacation! 
On that note I can't wait to experience summer with Birdie. I can't wait to take her to the pool and the beach for the first time. To perhaps have her take a little nibble out of her first watermelon and to lather her up in sunscreen (I don't know there's just something about babies and sunscreen that drives me crazy! In a good way!). To watch her grab her first fistful of sand and go to Disney. So many firsts!! 
Also, on the subject of school and graduating I've found myself really missing being in school. Not like the "bouquet of sharpened pencils" part of missing school (though I get that every September) but the part where you're constantly learning new things, you engage in challenging dialogue, you stress about "cramming" knowledge into your poor little head and you are passionate about writing twenty five pages about a double blind placebo controlled study of the effects of x,y, or z. I don't regret the time I'm taking off to be home with Birdie and to grow our family but sometimes I find it hard to feel like I am solely a mum/housekeeper. Being challenged academically is something I've enjoyed since I was young (this is me admitting I am a massive nerd, so in case I've done a good job of hiding it here it is in the open in black and white) and it energizes and excites me. While we were reorganizing our bookshelves I came across some old psych textbooks of mine and I've been considering adding them to my reading list, just to get my wheels spinning again. I'm also considering finishing up my early childhood education degree this autumn so that's something! But I'm still dreaming of the day that I get to roll up my sleeves and dive headfirst into a psychology PhD program! Gosh you guys it almost sounds romantic!
But for now I'm going to enjoy this precious time with my baby girl - getting to snuggle with her every morning, watching her development grow by leaps and bounds every day and always remembering that being with her, right here and right now is the world's biggest privilege.
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**A huge thank you to sweet Jasmine of Menagerie for the darling headband! Make sure to go and check out her Etsy shop for more darling bows & treats!**

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  1. Where do you get her headbands? I like that they're not huge like all the ones I see in stores.

    1. I usually get them from Etsy. This particular one is from Menagerie (www.etsy.com/shop/shopmenagerie) xo

  2. My baby is soooo testy today :( I finally have a reprieve while she naps, so I am enjoying my favorite blogs for a minute.
    Before I got pregnant, I was entertaining the idea of nursing school. Not giving up on it, just putting it on the back burner til my little one is older.

    1. Good for you sweetie!! It ain't easy I know :) xo

  3. Hey, I miss learning too! I miss stretching my mind in that way. I know I used to be smarter...;)
    And little Birdie just gets cuter and cuter!
    The summertime really is the best with little ones:)
    Have a great weekend~

  4. aw! thanks for the link!!

    aren't you SO excited for your first mother's day? i'm really looking forward to it. :) and i totally get the wanting to be back in school thing... i miss it all the time.

  5. definitely finish your degree - it will absolutely satisfy that craving and v will be a little older in the fall so hopefully that will help. reading, of course, is helpful with this loss of school (which i totally feel, too), but it's easier said than done when you have a baby/read stuff for work all day/etc. hope you find a way to satisfy that part of you - if not always, every now and then.


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