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Papa bear said he was showing photos of V to one of his coworkers the other day and she said "Oh my! She is a GIRL!! I thought she was still a baby!" That pretty much sums up how we feel about this little lady of ours. Somehow over the past couple of weeks she has blossomed into a young lady. It's all beyond wonderful but also kind of sad because it signals the fact that time just keeps marching on and before we know it she really will be all grown up. And that is a sad thought indeed. 
At five months Valentina is the most fun - she wants to touch everything, grab everything and as my daddy said she doesn't "look" at things she "devours" them with her eyes. She's always taking in her surroundings and trying to learn what these funny things on the ends of her arms and legs are (hands and feet are the most fascinating right now). We've started a wee bit of solids and so far sweet potatoes are a hit, though it must be noted that often more of them end up on her chubby little body than in her mouth but we're getting there. Bath time has become enormously fun and if it was up to Birdie it would go on forever. 
But I think the biggest change that has come this month is the way she has begun to react to mama and papa versus everyone else. The way her face lights up when she sees papa is different from the way she looks at everyone else. When someone else holds her she instantly scans the room for papa or me. And sometimes she just wants one of us. As far as babysitting goes it's not the most convenient development but as far as being her parents goes this is just about the best thing ever. To be in a position where only YOUR presence, touch and voice will suffice is such a privilege. 
Thank you our darling girl for being the light of our family and for filling our home with your little giggles, squeals and bear size smiles. We adore you!!

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  1. Not sure how I happened on your blog but I have been following for quite sometime. Baby V is just adorable and her little eyebrows are so perfect! It is so sad when they get to the age where you think, man this is going by too fast! Mine just turned 3! :(


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