Christmas in May?!

8:04 AM

blazer - Target, shirt & jeans - Old Navy, shoes - Target

When I uploaded these photos I realized that they looked incredibly... Christmassy??? So much red and green! It is my favorite time of the year so... it's a coincidence but perhaps not??
Speaking of another season though, don't you love how every year there seems to be a quintessentially "summer song" that just oozes ice cream, lawn sprinklers, charred little hot dogs fresh off the grill and the sound of flip flops on the hot pavement? I heard this year's contender, Mariah Carey & Miguel's "Beautiful" yesterday and it was as if summer had manifest itself right in front of me that very moment. It will promptly be bought by me and played on road trips to the beach, on dusty back country drives with the windows down and porch picnics. 
So it may be raining today but I'm going to turn this song up on my radio and pretend that I'm driving in my car in a damp swimsuit after a lazy day by the pool... 

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