On being a mama

6:13 AM

being a mama means:
never getting any sleep (ever)
piles of laundry that never quite make it to the closet
slobbery giggles that light up your heart
bibs and more bibs
changing your clothes three times a day (spit up is not a publicly acceptable accessory)
losing your mind and essentially writing/articulating at the level of a first grader
celebrating things like rolling over, clapping & laughing
finding that a toothless grin is the best kind of caffeine
knowing how to put on a diaper with your eyes closed (occasionally literally)
doing things you said you never would
hearing a stranger call your hairless girl a "handsome fellow" & laughing about it
missing your baby while she naps in the room next to you
having a mug of coffee/diet coke superglued to your hand at all times
falling asleep mid-conversation with your spouse
getting into heated debates (with yourself) regarding whether or not activewear is acceptable attire in public (the activewear always wins, always)
spending more time in the baby section at Target than anywhere else in the store
thinking every morning that you couldn't possible love this person more
having your heart explode the first time she searches for your face when someone else holds her
being ridiculously excited about your spouse coming home because... it means a break
picking someone else's boogers
your internet search history contains an embarrassing amount of links mentioning the word "nipple" and it's not for recreational purposes...
gurgling sounds are the most beautiful sounds on earth
seriously debating what constitutes as "too many" photos of your child
you divide your time as follows: nap #1, feeding #1, nap #2, etc...
a sink full of dishes that never get washed
being able to fill a dictionary with the things you can do with one hand
wasting/enjoying an afternoon playing peek-a-boo
chubby cheeks and chunky legs

wide eyes




Happy mama's day to all you lovely ladies!!


*Thanks to the darling Lisa Chiu for the photo!

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