Happy November!

12:30 PM

Hard to believe that it's time to put away the Halloween decorations and start a new month. It's a big one too - only five days until election season is over and forty-one days until baby bear's due date is here. Oh and of course let's not forget Thanksgiving! I suppose it's easy for me to forget because I am well aware that we will have an unconventional one this year - just the two of us eating store bought pie waiting for baby. Just like between the DMV commuting, prenatal appointments and finishing up the baby's room we forgot to carve our two little pumpkins... 'Tis a sad day when one forgets to carve a pumpkin on Halloween. 
Speaking of sad I've been strangely emotional lately. All through this pregnancy I've been high on happiness and yet now I find myself crying several times a day over the silliest things. Of course the fact that I've been getting a combined total of three hours of sleep a night (between hourly bathroom trips & being a stomach sleeper) and that carrying this baby is turning into hard work (5 pounds people!). I've been feeling achy, constantly tired and incredibly heavy. 
But that is enough complaining (Lord knows there are many more people with real problems right now) and instead I am focusing on the fact that my midwife informed me that baby bear is officially head down! Also, the last items for baby are due to arrive any day now and I've even managed to pack my hospital bag! Honestly all that's left is washing the bottles and clothes and packing the baby's bag. 
Anyways, this has gotten too long and I've used the word baby way too many times. So let's raise our glasses of apple cider to a month of celebrations! I'm looking forward to voting, eating turkey & pie and welcoming this baby into our little blue cabin!

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  1. I really enjoy reading about your life! You are entitled to your feelings. No judgement here, just support. Xoxox and happy November!

  2. Raising my glass, cheers!

  3. Oh no, the hourly bathroom trips! I remember those! Funny, when my baby was born I felt like I was sleeping more than during those last few weeks. Are you looking forward to waking every 2-3 hours instead of every hour? Haha~ cheers!

  4. JamieKE - Aww! Thank you so much sweetie! xo

    Adeline - Cheers! xo

    J - Ah! That is music to my ears! :) xo


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