35 weeks

7:28 AM

Last week was a little hectic and we missed out on taking photos so I'm happy we were able to capture the bump at 35 weeks. And quite a bump it has become! I swear this baby has started to grow not by the week or day but by the hour! I'm beginning to waddle a little as I walk and I resemble a beached whale when attempting to get out of bed. But I suppose it's all good because it means baby is growing just as it should!
With just a few more weeks to go I plan on tackling the last few items on our to do list this week. I'd like to do a deep clean of the house and get the car seat installed. Also, we must master the baby carrier that I hid in one of the dresser drawers - all those straps look so daunting!!
Other than that we are greatly anticipating next week when we get our last ultrasound and a chance to take a peek a baby bear's face, which I have missed so much! 
Thank you again to all you who have been writing in with advice and support - I value it so much!

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  1. You are so beautiful! And I am in love with this outfit!!

  2. You have such a great attitude! And I love your sweater dress so much. Kind of looks like the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

  3. You look great! I'm at 25 weeks and have been having the same beached whale getting out of bed issue, plus lots of grunting when putting on my shoes or tights. I hope it's all smooth sailing for you until baby arrives!

  4. What a cute fox sweater dress! You look fantastic.

    I'm 36 weeks and trucking along... hoping things stay put until 40 weeks due to my work situation but worried that she's going to come early. I have a lot left to do and feel so big that I can't imagine getting bigger. I empathize with your waddling and the in and out of bed woes.

  5. Thanks so much guys!! You are terribly sweet! :) xoxo

    Jess - Oh and feel you on "can't imagine getting bigger." It's crazy the way your body is able to adjust though. It's so hard not knowing when they're coming right?! Can't wait to meet this little baby! Best of luck to you in these last couple of weeks - they're not easy! xo

  6. You are such a cutie! And that sweater dress is awesome-sauce! I'm excited for you guys! :)


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