Our little thanksgiving

9:04 AM

This year for Thanksgiving it was just the two of us and the fur babies. My midwife wasn't looking kindly at us driving more than an hour anywhere and personally I don't enjoy drives more than fifteen minutes long myself these days so... So at home we stayed. And it was glorious.
We were incredibly lazy and ordered a thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods that included the most dreamy pumpkin pie. We checked in with our families throughout the day but it was so nice to spend the day by the fire simply re-heating food rather than cooking it. 
After the whirlwind that were the past few months I was so grateful to be in our little cabin with papa bear just focused on really appreciating the last few days that we have left as a family of two. 
Thanksgiving was a big "mile marker," so to speak, for this pregnancy and it's unfathomable to think that the countdown is at two weeks now. I'm going to try and not obsess over my due date and just enjoy the fact that this means Christmas is officially here! And you better believe I've been playing Christmas music in this house non-stop since Friday. 
Here's to trimming our trees and baking lots of yummy things!

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3 notes

  1. Craving pumpkin pie now!

  2. Adeline - I used to hate it but now I'm obsessed! :)

    Dasha - Thank you! Yours looked wonderful too! xo


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