A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

2:48 PM

I've been obsessive about capturing the last of the leaves as I fear that by next week they may all be gone. They're just hanging on for dear life. Gosh have I enjoyed them though - their crunch, the gorgeous shapes and colors and the way you smell them in the air. 
We received some gifts for baby bear from grandma - lots of gorgeously illustrated books of Russian fairy tales and classic toy, a "nevalyashka." Raising this baby with a deep love and respect for his/her heritage is so important to me. It breaks my heart that baby bear's childhood won't be on Russian ground but I know papa and I will do our best to make him/her feel like Russia is a big part of them. I've also ordered this print featuring my motherland. 
Speaking of Russia I am really looking forward to exercising my privilege and right to vote this Tuesday! People in my homeland haven't known the blessing of a transparent and fair election in years and no matter the ugliness that ensued this election season I don't take for granted the fact that we live in a country where the people truly do get to elect their leader. So please, for the sake of the millions of people who's vote doesn't mean anything in their country, exercise your right to vote.
 Sandy may be gone by now but for so many people the rebuilding process of their homes and lives is just beginning. More than once this week I was moved to tears by the sheer beauty of humanity that we have witnessed in the wake of the devastation in NYC and NJ. It reminded me that neither rain, winds or snow can stamp out human kindness and generosity. May we all remember to spread a little love and kindness wherever we go!

Wishing you a cozy weekend!


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