Weekend of 11.02.12

9:57 AM

This weekend was just what we needed. We managed to go on two "date nights" and a lovely walk through a local park. It was so nice to reconnect with each other and unwind. October was such a hectic month and a slower pace feels so good right now. I can now feel winter in the air and I'm so excited about the start of the holiday season! 
It's also our second to last weekend of commuting to DC and husby and I are both looking forward to settling back into our cabin and just waiting for baby bear to arrive. 

Tomorrow is such a big day & we're both looking forward to voting!

Wishing you a great week!


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4 notes

  1. Beautiful! You guys really do live in an amazing place! Also I love your scarf! :) Miss you have a great week!

  2. Wow, these are amazing photos...the location looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. Obsessed with your scarf!! Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful scenery, T. : ))

  4. Dasha - Thank you! Miss you too and same to you! xo

    Valerie - Thank you so much! xo

    Ashely - Thank you darling! xo


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