A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

7:20 AM

This week we got to unpack our bags for good. I really liked that. Other than the fact that we were inwardly celebrating getting back in a routine it was a pretty low key week - work, errands, laundry, cleaning and even some cooking (I was more shocked than anyone!). 
Oh we did officially finish the baby's room which is ever so exciting! All the artwork is up, all the drawers are organized and brimming with teeny tiny clothes, diapers and bottles! I also packed the baby's bag for the hospital and finally opened some of the diapers I had bought and oh my word are they tiny!! I still haven't fully processed the fact that I'm going to be putting them on an equally tiny little person very soon. 
I have got to say I am very, very glad it's Friday! I have really been looking forward to this weekend, getting to just be here at home with husby and our fur babies. And then next week is Thanksgiving!! And after that... well after that, in my book at least, it's time to get in the Christmas spirit!!

So I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Tatiana! Can't believe you are back on the Internet, and with such wonderful news:)

    Not sure if you remember me, Terri-Leigh from Hippy Happy Hooray, but now www.thulalaland.tumblr.com, we are also expecting. 32 weeks now.

    You look amazing and so at peace.


  2. yay for the baby's room! getting closer that is for sure :-) and i also love a good picture of our capitol building

  3. Terri-Leigh - Hi!! I'm so glad you found me again! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't believe our due dates are so close together! :) You look gorgeous mama! I'm happy I can read along again! xo

    Meg - Thank you darling! xo


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