Weekend of 11.09.12

10:46 AM

Well kids this was our last pre-baby weekend in DC. It all felt sort of surreal, to think that the next time we would be here (and probably the next time we will see our family) we will no longer be a family of two... 
The passage of time this year has felt rather surreal too. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week meaning we are mere weeks away from Christmas! When did this all happen?! I demand to know! 
We took it easy this weekend as due to my increasing size and increasing number of trips to the bathroom it's hard to be terribly active. We went to Ted's Bulletin for breakfast and absolutely fell in love! The service is so warm and friendly and of course the food is beyond fantastic. Homemade pop tarts?! Sold!
On our way back home we stopped by Turkey Run park for the first time. We've passed it dozens of times on GW Parkway but have never actually gone in. I'm so glad we did. The sun was just starting to come down and bathed the whole forest in a golden light. It was unseasonably warm for November and we went for a short stroll, just the two of us, taking in these last few days. We talked about our fears, our dreams for this baby and squeezed each others hands with excitement at the possibility of holding our little one in a mere thirty days!

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  1. Ted's Bulletin is so great! One of my favorite places for brunch in the city. And you're right, those poptarts are to die for. Beautiful photos. :)

  2. Sarah - Totally! We had no idea until we tried it! Thank you! xo


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