6:55 AM

Goodness I feel like there is just so much to be thankful for...
I'm thankful for the beautiful autumn season we experienced this year
I'm thankful for this miracle growing inside of me
I'm thankful for chewy gingerbread cookies from Trader Joe's
I'm thankful for kitty snuggles late at night
I'm thankful for the life papa bear and I have have built together here at the cabin
I'm thankful for good music, books that bring me to tears and movies that make me smile
I'm thankful for bubble baths that allow me to be weightless if only for a short time
I'm thankful for the family & friends that have supported us through this pregnancy 
I'm thankful for grapefruits, pomegranates & dark chocolate
I'm thankful that pumpkins are edible
I'm thankful for water (being without it when our pump broke made me really appreciate it)
I'm thankful for all the hugs, laughs, kisses and smiles I've been blessed to experience this year
And I'm thankful that the holiday season is finally upon us!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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