Weekend of 10.26.12

11:24 AM

This weekend was interesting. On Saturday we ate lunch outside (for probably the last time this year) but by Sunday I found myself putting on my coat! We got lucky though because we got to enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors here in DC even though back home all the trees are practically bare. We also had brunch at Tabard Inn, one of our favorite pastimes! Plus it ensured that not a week has gone by that didn't include freshly made donuts, yes we're a little obsessed. 

Right now the rain is coming down hard but we still have power. I'm about to go make some chili for dinner & then it's time to watch the Weather channel. 

Praying for the safety of everyone in the path of the storm!

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4 notes

  1. I love fall!! Everything is so beautiful! As are you! Hope you and your parents stay safe, warm, and dry!

  2. You are looking beautiful. Those giant leaves are amazing! Hope you all are safe and warm! x

  3. Hope you continue to keep safe from Sandy. These pictures are absolutely beautiful, loving all of the beautiful changing leaves. And you are too cute for words!
    xo TJ

  4. Thank you all for the kind words! We were very fortunate and were able to stay safe during the storm. Wishing you all the most wonderful weekend! xo


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