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2:37 PM

Since I'm not sure when the nursery is going to be officially "done" I though I'd share what I've purchased so far and give a little preview of the finished product. 
We wanted to keep it as gender neutral as possible because we're not finding out the sex and because neither one of us is wild about pink for girls or blue for boys. We also wanted it to reflect the rest of the house and feel just as cozy, lived in and inviting. Most of the big items are simply white - the rocking chair, crib and dresser and the walls are a cafe au lait off white. Which means we had to bring in color via the accessories. I was so excited when I spotted the rug at Ikea and as of right now it's kind of the focal point of the room. Unfortunately the walls are still bare, the rocking chair is in a box and I have yet to purchase some more pillows and linens to warm things up. In general though I'm quite pleased with how the room is shaping up!
If you have questions about any of the items let me know.

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  1. So many cute things! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished room!

  2. Me too :). Hoping we get to finish it soon! xo

  3. I have been combing thru ur blog looking for a pic that I found on pinterest, which appears to b ur nursery, finished. Anyways, can u direct me to it? Ps, ur adorable.

  4. I have been combing thru ur blog for a pic of ur, what appears to b finished nursery, can u direct me to it? Ps, ur adorable.

    1. Hi Monica! Thank you for your kind words :). You can find the nursery here: Enjoy! xo


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