30 weeks

10:00 AM

30 weeks means there's only ten more to go. And I am getting more and more anxious to meet baby bear. He/she makes her presence known at all times as of late and I feel like not a moment passes that the baby isn't on my mind. I think my belly finally dropped some which has made things a whole lot easier for me - sleeping, sitting, breathing! I also put on four whole pounds since our last prenatal appointment! I can't wait to share this news with our midwife!
I have to say that this pregnancy has made me the happiest I can probably ever remember being. I've struggled a lot with anxiety, depression and PMDD and I was very worried about how the pregnancy would affect me emotionally so I am thrilled that I've been feeling great! In fact if it weren't for the occasional aches and pains I would probably want to be pregnant always! In addition to that my skin has never looked better so I'm really soaking in all the positives of this pregnancy. 
We have a routine prenatal appointment today and I'm really looking forward to hearing baby bear's heartbeat, it's always such a special moment!

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  1. That is so awesome that you are feeling soo good!! So many of my friends have not enjoyed being pregnant so it is really a gift when you do. Exciting stuff!! :)


  2. This is so sweet/exciting! I'm glad pregnancy is treating you so well :) You still look glowing.

  3. You look amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  4. Man, you sure have great style ;) (I have same cardigan and boots lol). I loved to read this post. You seem so happy and I bet your baby is going to be the cutest!

  5. Thank you so much my dears!! You are too sweet! :) xoxo


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