Maternity Shoot

12:51 PM

A few more photos from our maternity shoot this past weekend. We decided to take them at the apple orchard and got super lucky with the light! Can't wait to get the prints and put these in frames!

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7 notes

  1. Soo cute!
    Love the double polka dots :)


  2. These pictures make me happy!! You guys are the cutest!

  3. I am soooo glad you are blogging again!!! I read love, lace... something... I forget *blush* all the time. I have a nine month old little girl and so I am super excited I found your blog now and get to see you before and after your life changes! Much love xoxo

  4. Hi! New reader here! I just wanted to tell you that you and your husband are absolutely adorable together. That second picture is so, so sweet.

  5. Polka dots on polka dots - too cute! : )

  6. Kirsten - Thank you! xo

    Dasha - Thank you so much! xo

    Shelly - I'm so glad to have you reading along again! Thank you! Congrats on your little one :) xo

    Arelys - Welcome! Thank you so much!! xo

    Ashley - Haha I'm a little crazy about polka dots :) Thank you! xo

  7. That's one cute outfit! And what a lovely maternity shoot! <3


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