Hello autumn!

10:19 AM

Well autumn finally came to our house. It had already made it presence known outside with the leaves dipped in tones of yellow and orange outside our windows. Yesterday I finally brought some of that inside. I filled bowls with pumpkins, hung our halloween garland and dusted off the halloween tablecloth. Lastly I lit a delicious fall scented candle and it became official - it's autumn, it's October, it's... my favorite time of the year!
Happy autumn everyone!

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6 notes

  1. Cute! Love all the little pumpkins! It's finally starting to cool off here too...well into the 80's haha. Miss you guys! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. I am so much enjoying this changing of colors. Such a lovely fireplace!

  3. Such a cute mantle! Loove fall! It is just so cozy!


  4. Dasha - Thank you! Wishing you the best weekend too! xo

    Jenna - Thank you so much! xo

    Kirsten - Thank you! Yes! That's one of the best things about it! xo

  5. You have the perfect place to decorate for the holidays. I remember the pictures from last Christmas. I have a few things out. My mom and dad are coming out from CA so I want to give them the full New England treatment.

  6. Jeanine - Thank you! Ooh! How wonderful! I'm sure they will have a blast! Your photos have been gorgeous as well! xo


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