A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

11:58 AM

Miss Bella is back home & we are all so thrilled about it!!
It's finally February which means it was time for a Valentine's day garland to spruce up the old fireplace
We ran errands at Target (which in my speak translates into - FUN TIME!!)
Speaking of Target have you seen these giant things??!! Fabulous no?!
Also, Birdie's mamaRoo came in the mail this week and suffice to say I am one happy mama*
Oh and papa got to leave early on Thursday so we had us a little lunch date at our fave wing joint in town!
Seems like the snow was a bust but I'm excited for this weekend anyway. After all it's February and spring is right around the corner!

Hope all of you have a most wonderful weekend!


*Note the way Miss Bella watches over V, she stays planted next to her & it just melts my heart!

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