A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

10:55 AM

So I finally got myself some Girl Scout cookies (after living in the US for 15 years!!)*
By yesterday we were down to just one Valentine's day cookie. But I got Easter M&M's so it's all good!
I found an awesome Kindle cover at T.J. Maxx & it was only $10! Score!!
We found THE owl jar at an antique store! Papa bear gifted me the babies two years ago for Christmas and now the family is complete!
I organized Birdie's drawers. And got rid of her newborn onsies. And cried a little over that fact.
New shoes for Birdie!
And the most important event of the week - Birdie & Belle became friends. Melts my heart I tell ya! These two will be bosom buddies for years to come for sure!
I love when life drops you experiences that make you feel more connected to your fellow man. That remind us that as a family we are not an island and we are all in this together. I had some of those this week and they were just gorgeous, just made me want to give humanity a giant bear hug because we're all so awesome and courageous and kind and just beautiful.
On Saturday we had dinner next to a couple and their giant service dog. He was such a ham, so sweet too. Being dog owners ourselves we had to laugh when the chap decided to get vocal. Of course a hush instantly fell over the restaurant (and I just thought jeez haven't people heard dogs barking before??) and the owners apologized profusely. As they were leaving the gentleman came over to our table to personally apologize. That's when I realized that he didn't have a service dog because he was blind. And before I even began to think of the reason he shared with us that he had recently returned from service and spent months at Walter Reed being treated for sever PTSD. They told him that the only way for him to successfully go back to normal life would be to get a dog. But not just any dog, this dog - this giant, furry, Swiss dog from the same family as St. Bernards. He said he was always scared of someone coming up behind him (this broke my heart) and now that he has his buddy he never worries because the dog notices the slightest rustle long before he does. He gushed and gushed about his friend, showing us pictures of him as a puppy and I tell you I was about ready to burst into tears. I felt so stupid sitting there eating my silly little meal when this man had seen so much of what no one should ever have to see. And yet you wouldn't know it, he was so full of... life. We felt grateful to have been in his presence, to have heard his story and to be reminded of the sacrifice that so many like him make every day for us.
And then on Wednesday while buying the famed Girl Scout cookies from our local tax accountants I was once again reminded of how good it feels to know someone past the "how are you" stage. Even if it's just the tiniest bit. I was talking a little to the lady selling them to me when V started fussing in her stroller. So the lady walked over and started talking to V and rocking her. Then she yelled to her coworker "Hey Connie! You have to come over here! This girl has got the longest prettiest lashes I have ever seen!" We chatted a little, the three of us, while she continued rocking her and I don't know but the whole thing just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's nice to break through the "thank you and have a nice day" charade and feel like normal humans every once in a while. To feel like someone cares, to feel that after leaving an exchange you know someone a little better and they know you too. 
I felt so grateful for that. For that little old lady and the hero and his dog. 
Life can be so wonderful sometimes...

*You guys?? The cookies??? Amazing! I get it now, I totally get it. Hooked for life!!

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