Hello february you gorgeous thing!

8:59 AM

cardigan & necklace - J. Crew, tee - Hello Apparel, jeans - A&F, shoes & watch - Target

We're six days into february and things are looking good! V is sleeping seven to eight hours a night (YES!!!), it's finally warming up a bit and you guys Valentine's day is next week!! I haven't always been crazy about Valentine's day but for some reason this year I find myself really looking forward to it. Any reason to celebrate right?! And I suppose what could be better than celebrating mushy, gushy, soft and fluffy LOVE?! My heart garland has been up, I have cupcakes with little hearts on them and V and I are planning on sending out some valentines (essentially photos of her but what could be better???). 
So far I like February. A lot. Now I just need to find some peonies or ranunculus... Which is easier said than done in a town where carnations rule the roost. Wish me luck!

P.S. I still hate conversation heart candy. It tastes like chalk. Can we make Cadbury creme eggs the new official Valentine's day candy? So much sexier in my opinion.

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