Also known as burgundy

11:12 AM

sweater - UO, sunglasses - Target, blouse - Madewell, pants - Windsor, shoes - Target

Apparently they're calling what us normal folk call burgundy "oxblood" this "season." Horrible sounding name if you ask me. Lovely color though. I tried this outfit with black pants too but ended up rather liking the somewhat monochromatic look of the burgundy pants. Also, as you can see I finally got to take my coat off on Sunday!!! Thank heavens! I love winter, I really do but at this point I am so over heavy coats, mittens, hats, scarves and of course the whole freezing your bum off part too. But I have to say I felt a little whisper of spring on Sunday so I think we're almost there. Or perhaps I'll just stop wearing coats in protest. Could possibly work right???

P.S. It was quite windy so I was constantly keeping my hair out of my face, that's the reason for all the "hand in hair" photos. 

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