Birdie's first trip to Georgetown

10:46 AM

It's a well known fact that papa bear and I adore Georgetown. I'll never forget when I first moved to DC with my parents and our friends told us about it and said that we would love it because it feels so European. And they were right. I fell for it quickly - it's cobblestone streets, the riveting architecture around every turn and the cozy cafes tucked in between fabulous stores. We had our rehearsal dinner there, we rode bikes along the Potomac and shared so many memorable meals - from impromptu 2 am dinners at Johnny Rockets (boy do I have stories from that place) to sitting just a few feet away from Joe and Jill Biden (they love the patio at Cafe Milano). So it was with great excitement that we introduced Birdie to one of our favorite neighborhoods on Sunday!
I have to say I think she quite liked it! She was all wide eyed in her stroller, taking in the sights. She was incredibly curious about our food (we went to Mike's new place - Bandolero) and was in the best of spirits the whole time! And after all my fears and reservations about taking a stroller to the streets of Georgetown it actually wasn't so bad. Not to mention the fact that we ran into many a kind soul who would hold a door or elevator. 
Thank you Georgetown for being so awesome as always! We can't wait until the day that our little girl can run down your antiquated streets!

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