Fancy pants

7:10 AM

hat - Target, jacket - J.Crew (old), tee - Old Navy, pants - Windsor, shoes - Target

Full disclosure - I wore this outfit for my date with husby. When you only get one real date every couple of weeks it kind of requires leather leggings and the highest of high heels. Am I right?! So this by no means is a "mama outfit." In fact most days my mama outfit consists of the comfiest of pants (usually fleece lined legging or sweats) and a tee. So boring but oh so comfortable. That said it was rather exciting to have a reason to get all fancy! 
In other news it's warm again! I swear the East coast has the most insane weather. They're talking 70 degrees today and somehow snow on Friday??!! I'll never understand it but I think V and I will take advantage of this very welcome heatwave and take our coatless and hatless selves to the park today. Speaking of V, I'm trying to expand her musical tastes past Passion Pit. Right now we're in a stage where Gossamer is all she likes and screaming will most definitely ensue if one song doesn't miraculously meld to the most upbeat part of the next. We're having some varied success with M83. So that's good!

P.S. Those shoes were only $10 and I must say they're surprisingly comfortable! Cost less than a meal for two at Mickeys and comfortable?! That's a win win in my book!

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