The case of the disappearing foot...

9:30 AM

jacket - J. Crew (old), sweatshirt - Out of Print, pants - J. Crew, shoes - Chucks, ring - Target, bobbi -

Tonight the low was nine degrees. Nine degrees people!! That is cold. Extra socks, woolen mittens and seeing your breath cold. Yikes! Apparently this cold front may come with a side of snow, which if it's pretty and fluffy and involves school closings I'm all for it!
Other than that I don't have much to report except that this week has been all about boring "adult" stuff like taking the trash (which isn't so bad when one can blast A$AP Rocky's new album because one is alone in the car for once)*, changing the oil and installing mailboxes. 
Speaking of mailboxes I ordered it from Amazon, where I order way too much stuff, and I just thought for a minute how it seemed weird to mail oneself a mailbox. Such is our life in the modern world; poor Mr. Carson is probably rolling over in his grave...

Oh and last but not least I literally can't wear houndstooth without thinking about Luke Wilson's line from The Family Stone: "Hey! Is this houndstooth??? Houndstooth..." Best. Delivery. Ever. 

*Specifically: Hell, One Train, Fashion Killa, Ghetto Symphony & I Come Apart.

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