A Week's Worth of Odds & Ends

10:36 AM

Birdie is officially sleeping in her "big girl" crib & through the night (it feels bittersweet)
We've been keeping warm at night with steaming bowls of this slow cooker beef bourguignon*
I can't believe how big this girl is getting... the days are slipping by too fast
We don't have a laundry room so our dining room table often doubles as one
I love papa & Birdie time when he gets home from work
We've been loving the Honest diapers & wipes we got this week! The prints are adorable!
Reunited with our fur baby and it feels soooooo good!**
Fueling my honey addiction thanks to Amazon

*I suggest adding a couple tablespoons of tomato paste & I used gemelli
**Our parents have been babysitting our fur babies while we settle into life with V. We've been missing them like mad and I think they'll be coming home with us this time, I can't bear to say bye to their sweet faces again!

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