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^ spreading tiny bits of christmas around the house ^
^ scored both of these for less than $10! at anthro & target ^

I love that Thanksgiving leads right into Christmas. You have this super awesome holiday where you just sit and stuff your face for hours (we still have stashes of leftover pie in our fridge) and then that day just rolls itself into Christmas music, cookies, tree lots with twinkle lights and presents, presents, presents!! It's such a happy time of year. I was sitting at the top of a hill in town the other day looking at all the shops, cars, and stop lights below and thought: wow, it looks like Christmas! Except that it looks just like that 365 days of the year but those red and green lights look extra festive this month. 
I must admit, however that coming home from vacation sucks. I wish suitcases magically unpacked themselves... Our house was a sight to behold. I had mountains of laundry in piles on the floor, groceries that never quite made it to the pantry from the countertops and stacks of work and bills here there and everywhere. Slowly but surely I cleaned it all up (it took me an entire day to unpack, either I'm very inefficient [possible] or we packed waaaaaay too much [also possible]) and our house looked clean, save for the lumps of Belle's fur in the corners of each room. I suppose this is as good a time as any to confess that I am horrid at cleaning up Birdie's high chair. I finally did it last night and what I wheedled out of there no longer resembled food... It's just that doing it after every meal makes me feel like Sisyphus - she's just going to shove another entire banana into the buckle again!!! 
So essentially I'm very good at giving off the impression that our place is clean. I feel like I should put a sign on our front door that says "avert your eyes! cobwebs and dog fur abounds!" As far as pats on backs go I would like to brag a little bit about the fact that I'm about 50% done with Christmas shopping and most of it took place online (thank you Gilt & Amazon!). So I have that under my belt! Oh also I did a HUGE closet clean out and plan on posting some of the items on instagram. Would you be interested? My rule is if I don't wear something more than three times it goes in the outgoing pile. So I have a lot of stuff that's only been worn once or twice. *
Well this got all rambly and ridiculous quick! The last I'll say is we are prepping for Birdie's first birthday party this Sunday and I'm in complete denial. I'm just focusing on the decorations and food like a horse with blinders but not allowing myself to realize WHO I'm actually doing this for... I expect to be a complete basket case on Sunday. Pray for me...

*I plan on posting the items on instagram on Sunday or Monday. It's mostly J.Crew, Target, Madewell and some Anthro. The sizes are mostly xs, and s. I'll also have a few pairs of shoes sizes 6 1/2 and 7. 

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  1. Someone once told me that you never need a vacation as much as you do after a vacation...isn't that so true?! I normally leave the unpacking for a few days ;)

  2. Look forward to your IG closet sale. Also, where'd you get those adorable colored strands of balls hanging at the window?! I love!

  3. I can't wait to see photos from Birdie's party!! I'll bet it was darling. I have a little something for her... I just need to get myself to the post office! Oh, and we just bought that cardigan for Cecily today! Darling!


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