birdie's 1st birthday party

9:30 AM

Because we live "way out yonder" we planned to have Birdie's birthday party this past Sunday so that our family could attend. Her actual birthday isn't until this Wednesday but it turned out to be for the best because I wasn't a sappy emotional mess during her party. Both papa bear and I were pretty much in denial about what was taking place (one must keep a healthy emotional distance regarding such events lest your heart explodes and can never be mended again). But of course life had other plans and the closer we inched towards the weekend the worse the weather began to sound for Sunday. Late Friday night we made the decision to move it to Saturday. Thankfully I was already in town so I frantically ran around in the pouring rain purchasing supplies and food and hauling a giant tank of helium to my car as the rain soaked me to my core (fun times!!). When I got home papa bear and I baked and decorated until two in the morning. We were beat the next day but there was something fun and special about putting so much love into this day for our sweet little girl. 
We woke up to a cold morning and oodles of birthday balloons. Gosh this girl loves her balloons. In fact I have a whole little video all about Birdie and balloons that I will post later this week. We planned to take it easy as far as the party was concerned and just did desserts. I was even extra lazy and just ordered a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles, which were phenomenal by the way! I suppose we can pride ourselves on the fact that we did bake her birthday cake. We made a carrot cake as it's something she tried months ago and simply couldn't get enough of. I put together a little "hot chocolate bar" and made some fruit skewers (which were a huge hit!). 
I must admit that I totally prepared myself for Birdie not caring about pretty much anything during her party and I would have been fine with that. How wrong I was! She had an absolute blast. She loved showing off all her new "tricks" to her grandparents, namely walking with the walker - you should see her beaming and proud face! The cake was somewhat confusing to her but the presents?? Oh the presents she loved! She patiently waited while I helped her unwrap each present and then she would go to town playing with each one. She was most definitely spoiled royally. 
In light of the ridiculous amount of presents she received we started a tradition that she won't understand perhaps until next year but one that is very important. Before we moved any of her new toys into her room we went through and removed toys that she had outgrown or didn't take much interest in anymore. We put them all in a bag and plan on dropping them off at Goodwill (the new ones will go to Toys For Tots). Next year we will have her participant in that activity as a way of teaching her to give back and share. Not to mention it makes for a much less cluttered nursery!
It was a wonderful first birthday. So many memories. So many photos. So much foooooooood. I can't wait to show her all the pictures one day. 
And still Wednesday awaits... 

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  1. Happy early birthday, Birdie! Your party looks like it was tons of fun!!


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