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Holiday/winter dressing is super fun but it can be super draining on one's wallet and at times, exhausting. In the summer you can get away with $20 tank tops every week, however you don't really get the same effect with sweaters. Over the years I've worked out a pretty good system though - buy only a few really great quality, unique and versatile items that I can wear again and again over the course of the holidays. 
This year I thought I would share a list of what that may look like. 
I think the checked top by ace & jig is fantastic - it's special enough where it would make a chic statement with some leather pants but also look easy dressed down with jeans. The Madewell sweater is another "fancy" item that would jazz up any outfit (wear with a simple wool skirt for a dressed up option or the leather pants for something more casual). Additionally a great pair of boots will do all the work for you and I adore my Sienna boots from Shoemint*, they look as great with a dress as they do with jeans. I never spend a lot on accessories as that's an area where I like to have a lot of fun. I love this splashy red toggle coat from Target (only $40!!) and this happy little scarf from H&M. And this hat says, rather than screams, snow!

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