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^ thank you to my mama-in-law for my new favorite scarf! ^
^ I kind of NEED all of these... ^
^ we found the most darling little used bookstore in town! ^

For christmas day this year we traveled to Williamsburg to spend time with papa bear's family. It's a place they know and love but I myself had never been. I was super excited to get my fill of colonial goodness!
We stayed in a lovely place complete with a fireplace which was nice since we were missing a tree. Birdie had a field day opening presents yet again and enjoyed the yards of carpeted space for her to get all her wiggles out, all day long. I will tell you that her sleep there was not at all magical, unlike everything else. She pretty much despises sleeping anywhere other than at home whether it be a crib or co-sleeping. It would take forever to put her down and then she would be up twice at night and sometimes it would take a good hour or so of baby wrangling to get her to finally fall asleep again. Then she would be up for the day at the crack of dawn so every day papa bear and I were running on approximately three hours of sleep. Humbug indeed. 
Sleep troubles be damned though because there was exploring to be done! So the day after christmas we all bundled up and headed out to the colonial part of town. The moment I spotted the cobblestone and that architecture I was swooning majorly. Then add those phenomenal wreaths everywhere and general holiday greenery and I was in christmas heaven. I made sure to stop and photograph just about every wreath I saw (though I won't bore you with all the pictures, just the highlights!). Walking those streets one couldn't help but feel so grateful to be here. I felt grateful for everyone that put and continues putting their life on the line to create this wonderful country that I have come to call home and that my daughter will know as her home. I love American history - it's so incredibly inspiring and uplifting. 
After spending a few days in this storybook town I was ready to move. Every house I saw was gorgeous and unique and I've never been to a place quite so spotless and manicured but in a non-Stepford Wife way. It was just pleasing to the eye, cozy and all around dreamy. I posted this photo to my instagram and said that I had found my dream house (am I right????). Later that day at dinner I showed it to my father-in-law and his response was "I could definitely live there." Couldn't we all??? Also, I'm still dying to see it inside. Not sure if that's borderline creepy but I just figure if it's so pretty on the outside it's gotta be fantastic on the inside too!
I very much enjoyed my first trip to Williamsburg and suffice to say we are already planning our next trip there!

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