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9:00 AM

coat - j.crew, glasses - karen walker, shirt - madewell, jeans - ag, shoes - shoemint

I bet you guys are up to your ears with baking, wrapping and watching all the Christmas movies. I still need to watch Love Actually and papa bear and I have a tradition of watching A Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve when the house is quiet and every last present has been wrapped, every card addressed and mailed out and the cookies have been baked and are waiting to be eaten. 
I have a few last things I need to finish today. Namely I have four batches of cookie dough in the freezer needing to be baked since I was just a bit too tired to do it all last night. There's also the buche de noel that I'm hoping to make and a trip to the Russia store for christmas eve dinner essentials like caviar and pickled cabbage. Oh and we need to give our UPS guy his gift, poor kid had to resort to calling our house and having us come down the mountain to pick up our packages because our road was totally impassable last week. He's such a nice guy. 
Speaking of nice that's kind of my favorite thing about the holidays, you know, the way we all try to do a little more, be a bit kinder. But ironically it's also a crazy time - the malls are packed, there's never anywhere to park, traffic is a nightmare and people are generally edgy. So I never take for granted any little kindness that I come across. For example, we ran into Barnes & Noble this past weekend and oh my goodness that place was like being inside a sardine tin - can. not. move. The lines naturally snaked all the way back to the store and everyone was grumpy because they sold out of the christmas gift cards. When it was finally our turn we got the sweetest lady who went through the process with a smile and at one point stopped, rested her elbows on the counter, laid her face in her hands and said "my god your daughter has the prettiest eyes, I just want to stare at them for a minute." She did some baby talk with Birdie and made us swell with pride, big smiles appearing on our faces. Then we wished her a merry christmas and left and she moved on to the next harried customer. I was just so touched that amidst what was probably a very busy and stressful day for her she was sweet, always had a smile and took her time. God bless her!
It's hard to believe that I actually wore something other than my dr. marten's but the proof is in the photos above! That is my version of dressing up! It was nice since I pretty much live in pajamas or sweatpants. I ended up ditching the coat by the afternoon though as I was sweating. Yes, sweating just a few days before christmas! This east coast weather, it never fails to do a number on you. Oh yeah, I also needed sunglasses. Crazy!

I apologize for taking up your time today so hurry back and finish those cookies and errands!!

It's only two more sleeps till christmas!

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  1. This is perfect! And this lipstick shade looks fabulous on you! xxx


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