making cookies with my baby

10:51 AM

Merry christmas eve my darlings!! Hard to believe it's here. As usual it came much too quickly but we had a blast getting here and now that we're here, on christmas eve, we're determined to have all the fun possible!
The moment I was feeling better last week I dove right into cookie baking. It's something that's been "my thing" since I was in middle school. Every single christmas I bake oodles of cookies that I eat and then share with my family and friends. Sometimes it's exhausting, sometimes it means frosting cookies late into the night, like last night (though accompanied by Home Alone it's actually quite fun!) and sometimes it seems like I'll never be finished and all that cookie dough in the freezer keeps replenishing itself. But when it's all said and done and I see my loved ones enjoying them and I have a few dozen boxed up to give away I know that it was all worth it. 
This time of course, was extra special because I got to share this tradition our sweet baby girl. I sat her right next to me as I measured and mixed and she helped me as best as she could (she loved putting the eggs in the bowl and then back in the crate, it totally melted my mama's heart). 
We made cookies and gingerbread and even a buche de noel! I already can't wait for next year!

Wishing all of you a wonderful christmas eve!!


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