christmas sparkle + our tree

8:30 AM

I am unashamedly one of those "christmas crazies," like I wish it was christmas all year round, all my favorite movies are christmas related and I would listen to christmas music starting in October if papa bear didn't mind (which he very much does). One year I wrapped over forty presents in one sitting and had a complete nervous breakdown. There are photos to prove it too, not so much of the breakdown (though one can detect the unmistakable crazed look in my eyes) but of the gorgeous packages with matching bows to boot! I also once baked so many cookies my mum froze them and ate them all year long!
This is all to say that I have been very patiently waiting until after Birdie's birthday to go into my "christmas coma." 
We woke up on Sunday to a pretty solid two inches of snow already on the ground and more coming down fast and heavy. The snow wasn't going to bother me though, there were boxes to be extracted from the depths of the shed, a tree to be unpacked from the bubble wrap into which I gently place it with my tear soaked hands every January and decorations to be recovered from every which where! We bundled up and bravely marched towards the shed. All boxes accounted for we made our way back to the house and papa bear grabbed some logs on the way to get a fire going. The boxes created little puddles all around the living room while I hung our soaked gloves and hats around the fire. Slowly but surely christmas began to make it's jolly way through our home. The wreath went up first and then the ornament tree took it's rightful place amongst the owls on our dining room table. I weaved myself through our house, laden with boxes full of decorations, sprinkling christmas dust everywhere I went. 
Eventually we got the tree up. We vacuumed up the loose "pine needles" and perched by the fire as we waited for Birdie to wake up from her nap. I didn't want to light the tree without her, I was dying to see her face. In addition to the fact that her christmas jammies were still in the dryer. And then we heard the tell-tale babbling and I rushed into her room, toasty pjs in hand. We were all set! It was time! Papa bear did the honors as we stood by and then... "oooh!!!" Her hand instinctively reached way up high towards the star. Success!! Hooray! We did a little dance and my heart swelled as I watched the way Birdie was instantly smitten with the whole thing. 
We made some tea and took our time picking out and hanging the ornaments, or as I call them "toys" (the Russian word for ornaments is literally toys, just like the ones kids play with and I can never get it straight!). My favorite one is the rabbit ornament I got from Anthropologie last year. I bought it while I was pregnant and together we decided that it would be Birdie's "special ornament." I dreamed of the day I could hang it up. This year I let her play with it before she ever so gently placed it on a branch of the tree. It ended up working rather well since she knows that that is her ornament if she is so inclined to play with one, the rest of course, are off limits. To be honest she was interested in the tree for perhaps another hour or so but then there was Belle to be chased, cabinet doors to be slammed and a water bowl to overturn so you know... the tree? Meh, apparently (much to my delight!). 
It ended up being a day that I know will live in my memory forever. It poured down snow, papa bear kept a brilliant fire going all day and the christmas music never stopped playing. It was a dream come true and truly unforgettable. 

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  1. White Christmas tree! You never see those anymore. It looks really nice here!

  2. I love when you post photos of your cabin, it is so beautiful!

  3. i am christmas crazy too! how fun to be able to share this all with v. love your white tree, too.

    1. yes!! high five! it was truly magical. thank you darling! xo


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