Autumn outfit

8:38 AM

1. hat, 2. glasses, 3. scarf, 4. boots, 5. socks, 6. shirt, 7. pants
Today's beautiful crisp day makes me think of nothing but boots, scarves and woolen socks.
Autumn is that you?

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4 notes

  1. So cute! I wish I could wear something like this now!!

  2. I love this autumn outfit (even though I don't like chilly weather)! I am excited to wear my Doc Martin's again...I can't believe I've had them since high school, good thing I kept them. :)

  3. Dasha - Thank you sweetie! xo

    Karin - You're lucky you've had them for so long, I've heard the quality isn't as good these days :( What color are yours?

    1. My docs are olive green suede...and some how I've managed to keep them looking pretty new. Honestly, I never found them to be very comfortable...not horrible, but not my favorite shoe. I hadn't heard that the quality has gone down hill, that's sad. : (


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