Saturday morning thoughts...

7:01 AM

It's 7:30 am and it's Saturday. I've actually been up since 6, wide awake. I stopped sleeping well about a month ago, which is unfortunate but it occasionally has it's upsides. Like today... when I just sat in bed looking at my family - my sweet husband (who when he sleeps breaks my heart with how adorable he is), my kitty and dog with their little sighs and our baby softly kicking in my belly. For that moment I was so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. And as the sun started to peek out over the treetops I thought about how we are about to become a family of three. Gosh that feels strange to say... And yet marvelous too. 
I imagine that first winter morning when I'll wake up and see my family again only this time I'll be able to hold my baby. To kiss him or her. To tell him/her how much love they're being brought into and how much love they've already brought with them too.
I'm often anxious these days; there's so much to plan, so many unanswered questions and fears too. But today, today, I'm just thankful. Thankful for this darling family of mine, thankful for this life we've created and thankful for the new life growing in me. Sometimes I miss being a child, miss the freedom and how uncomplicated it was but at the same time I'd never trade it for this. Because as an adult we're given the gift of growth, figuratively and literally - we grow as individuals and we grow our families too. And that I have to say has been one of the most magical things about life to me.
*photo I took of the mountains one morning

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  1. Well, I'm so happy you're back and to read that you're expecting a baby bear! Truly made my day. xxx

  2. What an exciting time! So happy for you and your family. : )

  3. Adeline - Aww! Thank you sweetie! It's good to be back!! You're the best :) xo

    Ashley - Yes! Truly! Thank you so much! xo


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