Weekend of 9.14.12

9:02 AM

This weekend was all kinds of awesome. I think it all started when I baked brownies Friday afternoon. I totally forgot how long it takes to make brownies so by the time they were ready it was twilight, I had lit some candles and the smell of baked chocolate had permeated the whole house, it was kind of magical. I might need to bake brownies every Friday afternoon...
Later that evening my brother-in-law and his girlfriend arrived to spend the weekend with us. We just love having them over and Miss Belle is a huge fan of all the extra attention. We ended up enjoying a three hour dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, showed them around the farmer's market the next morning (they're now as obsessed with the fresh donuts as we are), introduced them to a surprisingly fantastic antique store just a few miles from our house and right before they left we took them to our favorite bbq joint where the waitresses call you honey and the food might as well come with an angiogram. It's the best! Good friends are hard to find and we are so grateful for them; for the comfort level, the great conversations and all the laughter. 
Sunday we woke up to the most gorgeous morning - breezy and sunny. And there was no better way to spend it than having lunch outside. I truly was eating for two that morning and it was sort of glorious. Then we took a stroll through Bethesda down to a kid's toy store where I was practically in tears having to part with the softest, squishiest and most adorable seal. 
We noticed so many babies while walking around that morning; tiny babies, babies taking their first steps and babies that just wanted to be held. And it just made me all emotional thinking about the fact that very soon I'll be able to hold our baby too! Gosh, December can't come soon enough!!
And speaking of babies I officially got my first real "craving" last week when I woke up on Thursday and couldn't get Sprinkles cupcakes out of my mind. So papa bear indulged me and drove me all the way to Georgetown just so mama could satisfy her craving. He's all kinds of amazing...
I hope all of you had a great weekend as well!! 

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