My most favorite season of all...

10:52 AM

I unabashedly love everything about autumn. As I write this my window is open all the way and a crisp breeze is blowing into the room... It smells like everything wonderful. Like:
pumpkin cookies
leaf piles
a crackling fire
warm boots
handpicked apples
scarves & jackets
hot chocolate
apple & cherry pies
flushed cheeks
hot soup
yellow & orange
dark rainy days
wooly socks
fall scented candles
caramel apples
I could go on forever...

*photos from last autumn

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2 notes

  1. Gosh these pictures are amazing! I think this is one of the main reason that no matter how much we may have come to love the beach cities around here, I could never give up fall and stay out here!!

  2. Aww! Thank you! Totally!! Fall is THE best! xo


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